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20 Feb 2019
Opinion article |  | 20 Feb 2019

HESS Opinions: Socio-economic and ecological trade-offs of flood management – benefits of a transdisciplinary approach

Karl Auerswald, Peter Moyle, Simon Paul Seibert, and Juergen Geist

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AWESOME: Archive for Water Erosion and Sediment Outflow MEasurements
Jinshi Jian, Xuan Du, Juying Jiao, Xiaohua Ren, Karl Auerswald, Ryan Stewart, Zeli Tan, Jianlin Zhao, Daniel L. Evans, Guangju Zhao, Nufang Fang, Wenyi Sun, Chao Yue, and Ben Bond-Lamberty
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss.,,, 2022
Manuscript not accepted for further review
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Filling the gap between plot and landscape scale – eight years of soil erosion monitoring in 14 adjacent watersheds under soil conservation at Scheyern, Southern Germany
Peter Fiener, Florian Wilken, and Karl Auerswald
Adv. Geosci., 48, 31–48,,, 2019
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The 18O ecohydrology of a grassland ecosystem – predictions and observations
Regina T. Hirl, Hans Schnyder, Ulrike Ostler, Rudi Schäufele, Inga Schleip, Sylvia H. Vetter, Karl Auerswald, Juan C. Baca Cabrera, Lisa Wingate, Margaret M. Barbour, and Jérôme Ogée
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 2581–2600,,, 2019
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Rain erosivity map for Germany derived from contiguous radar rain data
Karl Auerswald, Franziska K. Fischer, Tanja Winterrath, and Robert Brandhuber
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 1819–1832,,, 2019
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Temporal- and spatial-scale and positional effects on rain erosivity derived from point-scale and contiguous rain data
Franziska K. Fischer, Tanja Winterrath, and Karl Auerswald
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22, 6505–6518,,, 2018
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Subject: Catchment hydrology | Techniques and Approaches: Theory development
Technical note: Isotopic fractionation of evaporating waters: effect of sub-daily atmospheric variations and eventual depletion of heavy isotopes
Francesc Gallart, Sebastián González-Fuentes, and Pilar Llorens
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 28, 229–239,,, 2024
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Seasonal and interannual Dissolved Organic Carbon transport process dynamics in a subarctic headwater catchment revealed by high-resolution measurements
Danny Croghan, Pertti Ala-Aho, Jeffrey Welker, Kaisa-Riikka Mustonen, Kieran Khamis, David M. Hannah, Jussi Vuorenmaa, Bjørn Kløve, and Hannu Marttila
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Increased nonstationarity of stormflow threshold behaviors in a forested watershed due to abrupt earthquake disturbance
Guotao Zhang, Peng Cui, Carlo Gualtieri, Nazir Ahmed Bazai, Xueqin Zhang, and Zhengtao Zhang
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 27, 3005–3020,,, 2023
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HESS Opinions: Are soils overrated in hydrology?
Hongkai Gao, Fabrizio Fenicia, and Hubert H. G. Savenije
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 27, 2607–2620,,, 2023
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Links between seasonal suprapermafrost groundwater, the hydrothermal change of the active layer, and river runoff in alpine permafrost watersheds
Jia Qin, Yongjian Ding, Tianding Han, Faxiang Shi, Qiudong Zhao, Yaping Chang, and Junhao Cui
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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The demand for flood protection often results in the construction of more and bigger levees along rivers. We highlight that such technical solutions often result in undesired socio-economic and ecological consequences such as increased downstream flooding risk, changes of groundwater levels, and a loss of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity. We propose a transdisciplinary approach of integrated flood management and green infrastructure instead of reliance on technical protection measures.
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