Articles | Volume 24, issue 4
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 1649–1668, 2020

Special issue: Water, isotope and solute fluxes in the soil–plant–atmosphere...

Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 24, 1649–1668, 2020
Research article
07 Apr 2020
Research article | 07 Apr 2020

Coffee and shade trees show complementary use of soil water in a traditional agroforestry ecosystem

Lyssette Elena Muñoz-Villers et al.

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Short summary
Our research showed, consistently, a complementary use of soil water sources between coffee (Coffea Arabica var. typica) plants and shade tree species during the dry and wet seasons in a traditional agroforestry ecosystem in central Veracruz, Mexico. However, more variability in plant water sources was observed among species in the rainy season when higher soil moisture conditions were present and water stress was largely absent.