Articles | Volume 21, issue 7
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 3249–3266, 2017
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 3249–3266, 2017
Research article
03 Jul 2017
Research article | 03 Jul 2017

Assessing glacier melt contribution to streamflow at Universidad Glacier, central Andes of Chile

Claudio Bravo et al.

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Distributed summer air temperatures across mountain glaciers in the south-east Tibetan Plateau: temperature sensitivity and comparison with existing glacier datasets
Thomas E. Shaw, Wei Yang, Álvaro Ayala, Claudio Bravo, Chuanxi Zhao, and Francesca Pellicciotti
The Cryosphere, 15, 595–614,,, 2021
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Glacier equilibrium line altitude variations during the “Little Ice Age” in the Mediterranean Andes (30◦–37◦ S)
Álvaro González-Reyes, Claudio Bravo, Mathias Vuille, Martin Jacques-Coper, Maisa Rojas, Esteban Sagredo, and James McPhee
Clim. Past Discuss.,,, 2019
Publication in CP not foreseen
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Modelled glacier equilibrium line altitudes during the mid-Holocene in the southern mid-latitudes
C. Bravo, M. Rojas, B. M. Anderson, A. N. Mackintosh, E. Sagredo, and P. I. Moreno
Clim. Past, 11, 1575–1586,,, 2015
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Subject: Snow and Ice | Techniques and Approaches: Modelling approaches
Future projections of High Atlas snowpack and runoff under climate change
Alexandre Tuel, Nabil El Moçayd, Moulay Driss Hasnaoui, and Elfatih A. B. Eltahir
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 26, 571–588,,, 2022
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Trends and variability in snowmelt in China under climate change
Yong Yang, Rensheng Chen, Guohua Liu, Zhangwen Liu, and Xiqiang Wang
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 26, 305–329,,, 2022
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Assimilation of citizen science data in snowpack modeling using a new snow data set: Community Snow Observations
Ryan L. Crumley, David F. Hill, Katreen Wikstrom Jones, Gabriel J. Wolken, Anthony A. Arendt, Christina M. Aragon, Christopher Cosgrove, and Community Snow Observations Participants
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 25, 4651–4680,,, 2021
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Snowpack dynamics in the Lebanese mountains from quasi-dynamically downscaled ERA5 reanalysis updated by assimilating remotely sensed fractional snow-covered area
Esteban Alonso-González, Ethan Gutmann, Kristoffer Aalstad, Abbas Fayad, Marine Bouchet, and Simon Gascoin
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 25, 4455–4471,,, 2021
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Recent hydrological response of glaciers in the Canadian Rockies to changing climate and glacier configuration
Dhiraj Pradhananga and John W. Pomeroy
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2021
Revised manuscript accepted for HESS
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We present an analysis of meteorological conditions and melt for Universidad Glacier in central Chile. This glacier is characterized by high melt rates over the ablation season, representing a mean contribution of between 10 and 13 % of the total runoff observed in the upper Tinguiririca Basin during the November 2009 to March 2010 period. Few studies have quantified the glacier melt contribution to river runoff in Chile, and this work represents a new precedent for the Andes.