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Research article
01 Jul 2016
Research article |  | 01 Jul 2016

Modeling a glacial lake outburst flood process chain: the case of Lake Palcacocha and Huaraz, Peru

Marcelo A. Somos-Valenzuela, Rachel E. Chisolm, Denny S. Rivas, Cesar Portocarrero, and Daene C. McKinney

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Predicting outflow induced by moraine failure in glacial lakes: the Lake Palcacocha case from an uncertainty perspective
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Changes in Imja Tsho in the Mount Everest region of Nepal
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This paper presents simulations of all of the processes involved in a potential GLOF originating from Lake Palcacocha above the city of Huaraz, Peru. The chain of processes starting form an avalanche falling into the lake and leading to a possible GLOF are simulated and converted into flood intensity and hazard maps (based on an intensity-likelihood matrix) that may be useful for city planning and regulation. Erosion from the overtopping wave did not result in failure of the damming moraine.