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Research article
30 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 30 Mar 2022

The role of morphology in the spatial distribution of short-duration rainfall extremes in Italy

Paola Mazzoglio, Ilaria Butera, Massimiliano Alvioli, and Pierluigi Claps

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Rainfall data augmentation in Northern Italy through daily extremes and the Hershfield factor
Paola Mazzoglio, Ilaria Butera, and Pierluigi Claps
Proc. IAHS, 385, 147–153,,, 2024
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FOCA: a new quality-controlled database of floods and catchment descriptors in Italy
Pierluigi Claps, Giulia Evangelista, Daniele Ganora, Paola Mazzoglio, and Irene Monforte
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 16, 1503–1522,,, 2024
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We have analyzed the spatial dependence of rainfall extremes upon elevation and morphology in Italy. Regression analyses show that previous rainfall–elevation relations at national scale can be substantially improved with new data, both using topography attributes and constraining the analysis within areas stemming from geomorphological zonation. Short-duration mean rainfall depths can then be estimated, all over Italy, using different parameters in each area of the geomorphological subdivision.