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Research article
06 Feb 2019
Research article |  | 06 Feb 2019

A global lake and reservoir volume analysis using a surface water dataset and satellite altimetry

Tim Busker, Ad de Roo, Emiliano Gelati, Christian Schwatke, Marko Adamovic, Berny Bisselink, Jean-Francois Pekel, and Andrew Cottam

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Interannual Variations of Terrestrial Water Storage in the East African Rift Region
Eva Boergens, Andreas Güntner, Mike Sips, Christian Schwatke, and Henryk Dobslaw
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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EOT20: a global ocean tide model from multi-mission satellite altimetry
Michael G. Hart-Davis, Gaia Piccioni, Denise Dettmering, Christian Schwatke, Marcello Passaro, and Florian Seitz
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 3869–3884,,, 2021
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North SEAL: a new dataset of sea level changes in the North Sea from satellite altimetry
Denise Dettmering, Felix L. Müller, Julius Oelsmann, Marcello Passaro, Christian Schwatke, Marco Restano, Jérôme Benveniste, and Florian Seitz
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 3733–3753,,, 2021
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RECOG RL01: correcting GRACE total water storage estimates for global lakes/reservoirs and earthquakes
Simon Deggim, Annette Eicker, Lennart Schawohl, Helena Gerdener, Kerstin Schulze, Olga Engels, Jürgen Kusche, Anita T. Saraswati, Tonie van Dam, Laura Ellenbeck, Denise Dettmering, Christian Schwatke, Stefan Mayr, Igor Klein, and Laurent Longuevergne
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 2227–2244,,, 2021
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The zone of influence: matching sea level variability from coastal altimetry and tide gauges for vertical land motion estimation
Julius Oelsmann, Marcello Passaro, Denise Dettmering, Christian Schwatke, Laura Sánchez, and Florian Seitz
Ocean Sci., 17, 35–57,,, 2021
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High-resolution automated detection of headwater streambeds for large watersheds
Francis Lessard, Naïm Perreault, and Sylvain Jutras
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 28, 1027–1040,,, 2024
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Remote quantification of the trophic status of Chinese lakes
Sijia Li, Shiqi Xu, Kaishan Song, Tiit Kutser, Zhidan Wen, Ge Liu, Yingxin Shang, Lili Lyu, Hui Tao, Xiang Wang, Lele Zhang, and Fangfang Chen
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 27, 3581–3599,,, 2023
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Hydrological regime of Sahelian small waterbodies from combined Sentinel-2 MSI and Sentinel-3 Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter data
Mathilde de Fleury, Laurent Kergoat, and Manuela Grippa
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Deriving transmission losses in ephemeral rivers using satellite imagery and machine learning
Antoine Di Ciacca, Scott Wilson, Jasmine Kang, and Thomas Wöhling
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 27, 703–722,,, 2023
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Long-term water clarity patterns of lakes across China using Landsat series imagery from 1985 to 2020
Xidong Chen, Liangyun Liu, Xiao Zhang, Junsheng Li, Shenglei Wang, Yuan Gao, and Jun Mi
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 26, 3517–3536,,, 2022
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This paper estimates lake and reservoir volume variations over all continents from 1984 to 2015 using remote sensing alone. This study improves on previous methodologies by using the Global Surface Water dataset developed by the Joint Research Centre, which allowed for volume calculations on a global scale, a high resolution (30 m) and back to 1984 using very detailed lake area dynamics. Using 18 in situ volume time series as validation, our volume estimates showed a high accuracy.