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Research article
17 May 2016
Research article |  | 17 May 2016

Identification of anthropogenic and natural inputs of sulfate into a karstic coastal groundwater system in northeast China: evidence from major ions, δ13CDIC and δ34SSO4

Dongmei Han, Xianfang Song, and Matthew J. Currell

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Delineating multiple salinization processes in a coastal plain aquifer, northern China: hydrochemical and isotopic evidence
Dongmei Han and Matthew J. Currell
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22, 3473–3491,,, 2018
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Identifying the origin and geochemical evolution of groundwater using hydrochemistry and stable isotopes in the Subei Lake basin, Ordos energy base, Northwestern China
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Spatiotemporal optimization of groundwater monitoring networks using data-driven sparse sensing methods
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Technical note: Effects of iron(II) on fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter at circumneutral pH
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We report new data for carbon and sulfur isotopes of the groundwater flow system in a coastal carbonate aquifer of northeast China. It shows how these can be used to determine the major processes controlling sulfate cycling and transport. Hopefully the study will be of broad international interest, and is expected to improve the understanding of techniques to determine impacts on groundwater quality and flow, leading to improved groundwater protection and monitoring strategies.