Articles | Volume 24, issue 5
Research article
25 May 2020
Research article |  | 25 May 2020

Soil moisture: variable in space but redundant in time

Mirko Mälicke, Sibylle K. Hassler, Theresa Blume, Markus Weiler, and Erwin Zehe

Model code and software

Companion Code for: Soil moisture: variable in space but redundant in time. (10.5194/hess-2019-574) M. Mälicke

Scikit-GStat 0.2.7: A scipy flavoured geostatistical analysis toolbox written in Python M. Mälicke and H. D. Schneider

Short summary
We could show that distributed soil moisture time series bear a considerable amount of information about dynamic changes in soil moisture. We developed a new method to describe spatial patterns and analyze their persistency. By combining uncertainty propagation with information theory, we were able to calculate the information content of spatial similarity with respect to measurement uncertainty. This does help to understand when and why the soil is drying in an organized manner.