Articles | Volume 26, issue 22
Technical note
21 Nov 2022
Technical note |  | 21 Nov 2022

Technical note: A sigmoidal soil water retention curve without asymptote that is robust when dry-range data are unreliable

Gerrit Huibert de Rooij

Model code and software

Fitting the parameters of the RIA parameterization of the soil water retention curve (1.0) G. de Rooij

Short summary
The way soils capture infiltrating water affects crops and natural vegetation as well as groundwater recharge. This retention of soil water is captured by a mathematical function that covers all water contents from very dry to water-saturated. Unfortunately, data in the dry range are often absent or unreliable. I modified an earlier function to be more robust in the absence of dry-range data, and present a computer program to estimate the parameters of the new function.