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Technical note
17 Nov 2022
Technical note |  | 17 Nov 2022

Technical note: On uncertainties in plant water isotopic composition following extraction by cryogenic vacuum distillation

Haoyu Diao, Philipp Schuler, Gregory R. Goldsmith, Rolf T. W. Siegwolf, Matthias Saurer, and Marco M. Lehmann

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Siberian tree-ring and stable isotope proxies as indicators of temperature and moisture changes after major stratospheric volcanic eruptions
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Short summary
We systematically investigate the uncertainties in previously observed isotopic offsets between plant source water and water extracted by cryogenic vacuum distillation. Our results show that hydrogen isotope exchange between organic material and water is a real phenomenon. However, the isotopic offsets are rather influenced by the actual amount of extracted water, sublimation, and evaporation. Our findings will help improve interpretations of ecohydrological processes in isotope-based studies.