Articles | Volume 26, issue 21
Research article
07 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 07 Nov 2022

A large-sample investigation into uncertain climate change impacts on high flows across Great Britain

Rosanna A. Lane, Gemma Coxon, Jim Freer, Jan Seibert, and Thorsten Wagener

Model code and software

uob-hydrology/DECIPHeR: DECIPHeR V1 (v1.0) G. Coxon and T. Dunne

DECIPHeR\_MPR (1.0) R. Lane

Gridded estimates of daily and monthly areal rainfall for the United Kingdom (1890-2012) [CEH-GEAR] M. Tanguy, H. Dixon, I. Prosdocimi, D. Morris, and V. D. L. Keller

Climate hydrology and ecology research support system potential evapotranspiration dataset for Great Britain (1961-2012) [CHESS-PE] E. L. Robinson, E. M. Blyth, D. B. Clark, E. Comyn-Platt, and A. Rudd

UKCP18 Regional Climate Model Projections for the UK Met Office Hadley Centre

Short summary
This study modelled the impact of climate change on river high flows across Great Britain (GB). Generally, results indicated an increase in the magnitude and frequency of high flows along the west coast of GB by 2050–2075. In contrast, average flows decreased across GB. All flow projections contained large uncertainties; the climate projections were the largest source of uncertainty overall but hydrological modelling uncertainties were considerable in some regions.