Articles | Volume 26, issue 8
Research article
02 May 2022
Research article |  | 02 May 2022

The effects of spatial and temporal resolution of gridded meteorological forcing on watershed hydrological responses

Pin Shuai, Xingyuan Chen, Utkarsh Mital, Ethan T. Coon, and Dipankar Dwivedi

Data sets

Data-model files associated with the manuscript "The Effects of Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Gridded Meteorological Forcing on Watershed Hydrological Responses" (Shuai et al., 2022 HESS) P. Shuai, X. Chen, U. Mital, E. Coon, and D. Dwivedi

Downscaled precipitation and mean air temperature datasets; East-Taylor subbasin; 2008-2019; daily temporal resolution; 400 m spatial resolution U. Mital, D. Dwivedi, J. Brown, and C. Steefel

Short summary
Using an integrated watershed model, we compared simulated watershed hydrologic variables driven by three publicly available gridded meteorological forcings (GMFs) at various spatial and temporal resolutions. Our results demonstrated that spatially distributed variables are sensitive to the spatial resolution of the GMF. The temporal resolution of the GMF impacts the dynamics of watershed responses. The choice of GMF depends on the quantity of interest and its spatial and temporal scales.