Articles | Volume 26, issue 8
Research article
25 Apr 2022
Research article |  | 25 Apr 2022

Use of streamflow indices to identify the catchment drivers of hydrographs

Jeenu Mathai and Pradeep P. Mujumdar

Data sets

A large-sample watershed-scale hydrometeorological dataset for the contiguous USA A. Newman, K. Sampson, M. P. Clark, A. Bock, R. J. Viger, and D. Blodgett

Short summary
With availability of large samples of data in catchments, it is necessary to develop indices that describe the streamflow processes. This paper describes new indices applicable for the rising and falling limbs of streamflow hydrographs. The indices provide insights into the drivers of the hydrographs. The novelty of the work is on differentiating hydrographs by their time irreversibility property and offering an alternative way to recognize primary drivers of streamflow hydrographs.