Articles | Volume 26, issue 7
Research article
06 Apr 2022
Research article |  | 06 Apr 2022

Storylines of UK drought based on the 2010–2012 event

Wilson C. H. Chan, Theodore G. Shepherd, Katie Facer-Childs, Geoff Darch, and Nigel W. Arnell

Data sets

Storylines of UK drought based on the 2010-12 event W. C. H. Chan, T. G. Shepherd, K. Facer-Childs, G. Darch, N. Arnell

Gridded estimates of daily and monthly areal rainfall for the United Kingdom (1890-2017) [CEH-GEAR] M. Tanguy, H. Dixon, I. Prosdocimi, D. G. Morris, and V. D. J. Keller

Climate hydrology and ecology research support system meteorology dataset for Great Britain (1961-2017) [CHESS-met] E. L. Robinson, E. M. Blyth, D. B. Clark, E. Comyn-Platt, E., and A. C. Rudd

Historic reconstructions of daily river flow for 303 UK catchments (1891-2015) K. A. Smith, M. Tanguy, J. Hannaford, and C. Prudhomme

Short summary
We select the 2010–2012 UK drought and investigate an alternative unfolding of the drought from changes to its attributes. We created storylines of drier preconditions, alternative seasonal contributions, a third dry winter, and climate change. Storylines of the 2010–2012 drought show alternative situations that could have resulted in worse conditions than observed. Event-based storylines exploring plausible situations are used that may lead to high impacts and help stress test existing systems.