Articles | Volume 23, issue 12
Research article
19 Dec 2019
Research article |  | 19 Dec 2019

Hybrid climate datasets from a climate data evaluation system and their impacts on hydrologic simulations for the Athabasca River basin in Canada

Hyung-Il Eum and Anil Gupta

Data sets

Impact of Aligning Climatological Day on Gridding Daily Maximum-Minimum Temperature and Precipitation over Canada ( R. F. Hopkinson, D. W. McKenney, E. J. Milewska, M. F. Hutchinson, P. Papadopol, and L. A. Vincent

Performance Evaluation of the Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA) (,, and F. Lespinas, V. Fortin, G. Roy, P. Rasmussen, and T. Stadnyk

North American Regional Reanalysis ( F. Mesinger, G. DiMego, E. Kalnay, K. Mitchell, P. C. Shafran, W. Ebisuzaki, D. Jovic, J. Woollen, E. Rogers, E. H. Berbery, M. B. Ek, Y. Fan, R. Grumbine, W. Higgins, H. Li, Y. Lin, G. Manikin, D. Parrish, and W. Shi

A long-term, temporally consistent, gridded daily meteorological dataset for northwestern North America ( A. T. Werner, M. Schnorbus, R. Shrestha, A. Cannon, F. Zwiers, G. Dayon, and F. Anslow

Interpolation of 1961-97 daily temperature and precipitation data onto Alberta polygons of ecodistrict and soil landscapes of Canada ( S. S. Shen, P. Dzikowski, G. Li, and D. Griffith<2162:IODTAP>2.0.CO;2

Model code and software

A simple hydrologically based model of land surface water and energy fluxes for general circulation model ( X. Liang, D. P. Lettenmaier, E. F. Wood, and S. J. Burges

Short summary
As numerous high-resolution historical gridded climate datasets are available in Alberta, many previous works have simply combined multiple climate datasets without pre-assessment, which may cause unreliable outputs. This study suggested a systematic climate data evaluation system and generated a new performance-based climate dataset. This study proved that the new dataset is a better representation of historical climate conditions, enhancing hydrologic simulations.