Articles | Volume 23, issue 6
Research article
17 Jun 2019
Research article |  | 17 Jun 2019

On the choice of calibration metrics for “high-flow” estimation using hydrologic models

Naoki Mizukami, Oldrich Rakovec, Andrew J. Newman, Martyn P. Clark, Andrew W. Wood, Hoshin V. Gupta, and Rohini Kumar

Data sets

The CAMELS data set: catchment attributes and meteorology for large-sample studies N. Addor, A. Newman, N. Mizukami, and M. Clark

A large-sample watershed-scale hydrometeorological dataset for the contiguous USA A. Newman, K. Sampson, M. Clark, A. R. Bock, R. Viger, and D. Blodgett

mesoscale Hydrologic Model (Version v5.8) L. Samaniego, R. Kumar, J. Mai, M. Zink, S. Thober, M. Cuntz, and S. Attinger

Short summary
We find that Nash–Sutcliffe (NSE)-based model calibrations result in poor reproduction of high-flow events, such as the annual peak flows that are used for flood frequency estimation. The use of Kling–Gupta efficiency (KGE) results in annual peak flow estimates that are better than from NSE, with only a slight degradation in performance with respect to other related metrics.