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Research article
04 Nov 2016
Research article |  | 04 Nov 2016

Hydrologic controls on aperiodic spatial organization of the ridge–slough patterned landscape

Stephen T. Casey, Matthew J. Cohen, Subodh Acharya, David A. Kaplan, and James W. Jawitz

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Coupled local facilitation and global hydrologic inhibition drive landscape geometry in a patterned peatland
S. Acharya, D. A. Kaplan, S. Casey, M. J. Cohen, and J. W. Jawitz
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Ecohydrological optimality in the Northeast China Transect
Zhentao Cong, Qinshu Li, Kangle Mo, Lexin Zhang, and Hong Shen
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 2449–2462,,, 2017
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Short summary
The ridge–slough landscape is a major part of the Everglades, a critically imperiled wetland in south Florida (USA). The landscape consists of two wetland types, shallow water ridges and deep water sloughs, interspersed in a complex pattern. Human changes to hydrology have changed this pattern, impacting water flow, fish movement, and bird habitat. Restoring pattern requires understanding its origins. We describe the pattern in detail, gaining insights relevant for management on its origins.