Articles | Volume 27, issue 20
Technical note
23 Oct 2023
Technical note |  | 23 Oct 2023

Technical note: Seamless extraction and analysis of river networks in R

Luca Carraro

Model code and software

test_rivnet: v1.0 L. Carraro

rivnet: Extract and Analyze Rivers from Elevation Data, R package version 0.3.2 L. Carraro

Short summary
Mathematical models are key to the study of environmental processes in rivers. Such models often require information on river morphology from geographic information system (GIS) software, which hinders the use of replicable workflows. Here I present rivnet, an R package for simple, robust, GIS-free extraction and analysis of river networks. The package is designed so as to require minimal user input and is oriented towards ecohydrological, ecological and biogeochemical modeling.