Articles | Volume 27, issue 17
Education and communication
14 Sep 2023
Education and communication |  | 14 Sep 2023

airGRteaching: an open-source tool for teaching hydrological modeling with R

Olivier Delaigue, Pierre Brigode, Guillaume Thirel, and Laurent Coron

Data sets

airGRdatasets: Hydro-Meteorological Catchments Datasets for the 'airGR' Packages O. Delaigue, P. Brigode, and G. Thirel

Model code and software

airGRteaching: Teaching Hydrological Modelling with GR (Shiny Interface Included) O. Delaigue, L. Coron, P. Brigode, and G. Thirel

airGR: Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling L. Coron, O. Delaigue, G. Thirel, D. Dorchies, C. Perrin and C. Michel

Short summary
Teaching hydrological modeling is an important, but difficult, matter. It requires appropriate tools and teaching material. In this article, we present the airGRteaching package, which is an open-source software tool relying on widely used hydrological models. This tool proposes an interface and numerous hydrological modeling exercises representing a wide range of hydrological applications. We show how this tool can be applied to simple but real-life cases.