Articles | Volume 27, issue 9
Research article
17 May 2023
Research article |  | 17 May 2023

Revisiting the hydrological basis of the Budyko framework with the principle of hydrologically similar groups

Yuchan Chen, Xiuzhi Chen, Meimei Xue, Chuanxun Yang, Wei Zheng, Jun Cao, Wenting Yan, and Wenping Yuan

Data sets

Metadata record for: Version 4 of the CRU TS monthly high-resolution gridded multivariate climate dataset Scientific Data Curation Team

GPCC Full Data Monthly Product Version 2018 at 0.5°: Monthly Land-Surface Precipitation from Rain-Gauges built on GTS-based and Historical Data U. Schneider, A. Becker, P. Finger, A. Meyer-Christoffer, and M. Ziese

GRDC discharge data GRDC

GLDAS Noah Land Surface Model L4 monthly 0.25 x 0.25 degree V2.1 H. Beaudoing and M. Rodell

The GLASS FVC product National Earth System Science Data

Global maps of seasonality indices X. Feng

Short summary
This study addresses the quantification and estimation of the watershed-characteristic-related parameter (Pw) in the Budyko framework with the principle of hydrologically similar groups. The results show that Pw is closely related to soil moisture and fractional vegetation cover, and the relationship varies across specific hydrologic similarity groups. The overall satisfactory performance of the Pw estimation model improves the applicability of the Budyko framework for global runoff estimation.