Articles | Volume 27, issue 8
Research article
20 Apr 2023
Research article |  | 20 Apr 2023

Methodology for constructing a flood-hazard map for a future climate

Yuki Kimura, Yukiko Hirabayashi, Yuki Kita, Xudong Zhou, and Dai Yamazaki

Data sets

MERIT Hydro: global hydrography datasets D. Yamazaki

Global Reach-level Flood Reanalysis

Model code and software

global-hydrodynamics/CaMa-Flood\_v4, CaMa-Flood (v4.01) D. Yamazaki, M. Revel, R. Hanazaki, X. Zhou, and T. Nitta

Short summary
Since both the frequency and magnitude of flood will increase by climate change, information on spatial distributions of potential inundation depths (i.e., flood-hazard map) is required. We developed a method for constructing realistic future flood-hazard maps which addresses issues due to biases in climate models. A larger population is estimated to face risk in the future flood-hazard map, suggesting that only focusing on flood-frequency change could cause underestimation of future risk.