Articles | Volume 26, issue 23
Research article
02 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 02 Dec 2022

Exploring tracer information in a small stream to improve parameter identifiability and enhance the process interpretation in transient storage models

Enrico Bonanno, Günter Blöschl, and Julian Klaus

Data sets

HYDRO-CSI, Project 1.2: In-stream hydrology. Part 2: instantaneous injections (Version 1.0.0) E. Bonanno, F. Barnich, L. Gourdol, J. F. Iffly, J. Juilleret, L. Pfister, and K. Julian

Model code and software

BTC_analysis: GLaDY -- GLobal and DYnamic identifiability analysis - BTC application (SoluteTransport) E. Bonanno

Short summary
There is an unclear understanding of which processes regulate the transport of water, solutes, and pollutants in streams. This is crucial since these processes control water quality in river networks. Compared to other approaches, we obtained clearer insights into the processes controlling solute transport in the investigated reach. This work highlights the risks of using uncertain results for interpreting the processes controlling water movement in streams.