Articles | Volume 26, issue 20
Research article
28 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 28 Oct 2022

Understanding the diurnal cycle of land–atmosphere interactions from flux site observations

Eunkyo Seo and Paul A. Dirmeyer

Data sets

Drought-2018 ecosystem eddy covariance flux product for 52 stations in FLUXNET-Archive format Drought 2018 Team and ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre

Model code and software

ekseo/Diurnal_LA_coupling: v1.0 (v1.0) ekseo

Short summary
This study presents the climatology of the observed land–atmosphere interactions on a subdaily timescale during the warm season from flux site observations. Multivariate metrics are employed to examine the land, atmosphere, and combined couplings, and a mixing diagram is adopted to understand the coevolution of the moist and thermal energy budget within the atmospheric mixed layer. The diurnal cycles of both mixing diagrams and hourly land–atmosphere couplings exhibit hysteresis.