Articles | Volume 26, issue 8
Research article
27 Apr 2022
Research article |  | 27 Apr 2022

Investigating the response of leaf area index to droughts in southern African vegetation using observations and model simulations

Shakirudeen Lawal, Stephen Sitch, Danica Lombardozzi, Julia E. M. S. Nabel, Hao-Wei Wey, Pierre Friedlingstein, Hanqin Tian, and Bruce Hewitson

Data sets

Global Monthly Mean Leaf Area Index Climatology, 1981-2015 J. Mao and B. Yan

Model code and software

Technical Description of version 4.5 of the Community Land Model (CLM) K. Oleson, D. Lawrence, G. Bonan, B. Drewniak, M. Huang, C. Koven, S. Levis, F. Li, W. Riley, Z. Subin, S. Swenson, P. Thornton, A. Bozbiyik, R. Fisher, C. Heald, E. Kluzek, J. Lamarque, P. Lawrence, L. Leung, W. Lipscomb, S. Muszala, D. Ricciuto, W. Sacks, J. Tang, and Z. Yang

Short summary
To investigate the impacts of drought on vegetation, which few studies have done due to various limitations, we used the leaf area index as proxy and dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs) to simulate drought impacts because the models use observationally derived climate. We found that the semi-desert biome responds strongly to drought in the summer season, while the tropical forest biome shows a weak response. This study could help target areas to improve drought monitoring and simulation.