Articles | Volume 25, issue 8
Research article
12 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 12 Aug 2021

Compound flood potential from storm surge and heavy precipitation in coastal China: dependence, drivers, and impacts

Jiayi Fang, Thomas Wahl, Jian Fang, Xun Sun, Feng Kong, and Min Liu

Data sets

Sea level measured by tide gauges from global oceans - the Joint Archive for Sea Level holdings (NCEI Accession 0019568), Version 5.5 P. C. Caldwell, M. A. Merrifield, and P. R. Thompson

Twentieth Century Reanalysis (V2) NOAA

Short summary
A comprehensive assessment of compound flooding potential is missing for China. We investigate dependence, drivers, and impacts of storm surge and precipitation for coastal China. Strong dependence exists between driver combinations, with variations of seasons and thresholds. Sea level rise escalates compound flood potential. Meteorology patterns are pronounced for low and high compound flood potential. Joint impacts from surge and precipitation were much higher than from each individually.