Articles | Volume 25, issue 6
Technical note
11 Jun 2021
Technical note |  | 11 Jun 2021

Technical Note: Temporal disaggregation of spatial rainfall fields with generative adversarial networks

Sebastian Scher and Stefanie Peßenteiner

Model code and software

pr-disagg-radar-gan S. Scher

pr-disagg-gan S. Scher and S. Peßenteiner

Short summary
In hydrology, it is often necessary to infer from a daily sum of precipitation a possible distribution over the day – for example how much it rained in each hour. In principle, for a given daily sum, there are endless possibilities. However, some are more likely than others. We show that a method from artificial intelligence called generative adversarial networks (GANs) can learn what a typical distribution over the day looks like.