Articles | Volume 25, issue 5
Research article
19 May 2021
Research article |  | 19 May 2021

A wavelet-based approach to streamflow event identification and modeled timing error evaluation

Erin Towler and James L. McCreight

Model code and software

WRF-Hydro® v5.1.1 D. Gochis, M. Barlage, R. Cabell, A. Dugger, A. Fanfarillo, K. FitzGerald, M. McAllister, J. McCreight, A. RafieeiNasab, L. Read, N. Frazier, D. Johnson, J. D. Mattern, L. Karsten, T. J. Mills, and B. Fersch

NCAR/wavelet_timing: Publication (Version v0.0.1) J. L. McCreight

NCAR/rwrfhydro: wavelet timing tag (Version v1.0.1) J. L. McCreight, T. J. Mills, A. Rafieeinasab, K. FitzGerald, L. Reads, C. Hoover, D. W. Johnson, E. Towler, Y.-F. Huang, A. Dugger, and J. Nowosad

Short summary
We present a wavelet-based approach to quantify streamflow timing errors for model evaluation and development. We demonstrate the method using real and simulated stream discharge data from several locations. We show how results can be used to identify potential hydrologic processes contributing to the timing errors. Furthermore, we illustrate how the method can document model performance by comparing timing errors across versions of the National Water Model.