Articles | Volume 24, issue 6
Research article
04 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 04 Jun 2020

Rainfall estimation from a German-wide commercial microwave link network: optimized processing and validation for 1 year of data

Maximilian Graf, Christian Chwala, Julius Polz, and Harald Kunstmann

Data sets

Historische stündliche RADOLAN-Raster der Niederschlagshöhe (binär), version V001 DWD

Model code and software

pycomlink software package C. Chwala, F. Keis, M. Graf, D. Sereb, and Y. Boose

Video supplement

Showcase video of hourly RADOLAN and CML rainfall maps M. Graf, C. Chwala, J. Polz, and H. Kunstmann

Short summary
Commercial microwave links (CMLs), which form large parts of the backhaul from the ubiquitous cellular communication networks, can be used to estimate path-integrated rainfall rates. This study presents the processing and evaluation of the largest CML data set to date, covering the whole of Germany with almost 4000 CMLs. The CML-derived rainfall information compares well to a standard precipitation data set from the German Meteorological Service, which combines radar and rain gauge data.