Articles | Volume 24, issue 5
Research article
29 May 2020
Research article |  | 29 May 2020

Nonstationary stochastic rain type generation: accounting for climate drivers

Lionel Benoit, Mathieu Vrac, and Gregoire Mariethoz

Data sets

Radolan radar products DWD – Deutcher Wetterdienst

Rain type data over Thuringia for the period 2001–2017 L. Benoit

Model code and software

Rain typing software L. Benoit

Stochastic rainfall generator software L. Benoit

G2S: The GeoStatistical Server M. Gravey

Short summary
At subdaily resolution, rain intensity exhibits a strong variability in space and time due to the diversity of processes that produce rain (e.g., frontal storms, mesoscale convective systems and local convection). In this paper we explore a new method to simulate rain type time series conditional to meteorological covariates. Afterwards, we apply stochastic rain type simulation to the downscaling of precipitation of a regional climate model.