Articles | Volume 23, issue 4
Research article
24 Apr 2019
Research article |  | 24 Apr 2019

Open-source Arduino-compatible data loggers designed for field research

Andrew D. Wickert, Chad T. Sandell, Bobby Schulz, and Gene-Hua Crystal Ng

Model code and software

DS3231 v1.0.3 E. Ayars and A. D. Wickert

ALogTalk v1.0.0 A. D. Wickert

SetTime GUI v1.0.0 B. Schulz

ALog BottleLogger v2.2.0 A. D. Wickert and C. T. Sandell

ALog-Shield v2.2.0 A. D. Wickert, . T. Sandell, and B. Schulz

ALog BottleLogger v3.0.0 C. T. Sandell, B. Schulz, and A. D. Wickert

ALog v1.0.0 A. D. Wickert, C. T. Sandell, K. R. Barnhart, and B. Schulz

Short summary
Measuring Earth's changing environment is a critical part of natural science, but to date most of the equipment to do so is expensive, proprietary, and difficult to customize. We addressed this challenge by developing and deploying the ALog, a low-power, lightweight, Arduino-compatible data logger. We present our hardware schematics and layouts, as well as our customizable code library that operates the ALog and helps users to link it to off-the-shelf sensors.