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18 Jan 2018
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 18 Jan 2018

Can riparian vegetation shade mitigate the expected rise in stream temperatures due to climate change during heat waves in a human-impacted pre-alpine river?

Heidelinde Trimmel, Philipp Weihs, David Leidinger, Herbert Formayer, Gerda Kalny, and Andreas Melcher

Data sets

Abiotic and biotic data of the rivers Pinka and Lafnitz 2012 - 2014 H. Trimmel, G. Kalny, F. Dossi, H. Formayer, W. Graf, P. Leitner, D. Leidinger, I. Nadeem, H. P. Rauch, P. Weihs, and A. Melcher

Short summary
In eastern Austria, where air temperature rise is double that recorded globally, stream temperatures of a human-impacted river were simulated during heat waves, as calculated by regional climate models until 2100. An increase of up to 3 °C was predicted – thus exceeding thresholds of resident cold-adapted species. Vegetation management scenarios showed that adding vegetation can reduce both absolute temperatures and its rate of increase but is not able to fully mitigate the expected rise.