Articles | Volume 22, issue 8
Research article
15 Aug 2018
Research article |  | 15 Aug 2018

Remote land use impacts on river flows through atmospheric teleconnections

Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Ingo Fetzer, Patrick W. Keys, Ruud J. van der Ent, Hubert H. G. Savenije, and Line J. Gordon

Data sets

ERA Interim Daily European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

WAM2layersPython R. J. van der Ent

gloh2o H. Beck

Global Potential Vegetation Dataset N. Ramankutty and J. A. Foley

Cropland and Pasture Area 2000 Ramankutty N., A. T. Evan, C. Monfreda, and J. A. Foley

Land Cover Types Yearly L3 Global 0.05 Deg CMG M. Friedl

MIRCA2000 data download F. T. Portmann, S. Siebert, and P. Döll


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Short summary
Winds carry air moisture from one place to another. Thus, land-use change that alters air moisture content can also modify downwind rainfall and distant river flows. This aspect has rarely been taken into account in studies of river flow changes. We show here that remote land-use change effect on rainfall can exceed that of local, and that foreign nation influence on river flows is much more prevalent than previously thought. This has important implications for both land and water governance.