Articles | Volume 22, issue 4
Research article
04 Apr 2018
Research article |  | 04 Apr 2018

Hydrological assessment of atmospheric forcing uncertainty in the Euro-Mediterranean area using a land surface model

Emiliano Gelati, Bertrand Decharme, Jean-Christophe Calvet, Marie Minvielle, Jan Polcher, David Fairbairn, and Graham P. Weedon

Data sets


SURFEX model code CNRM

E-OBS dataset ECAD

Global reanalyses ECMWF

ESA-CCI Soil Moisture dataset ESA


CERES dataset NASA

SRB dataset NASA

GIMMS dataset NASA

PGF dataset Princeton University

earth2observe/water-resource-reanalysis-v1: Revised Release (Version 1.02), Data set, Zenodo Schellekens et al.

CRU dataset UEA

Short summary
We compared land surface model simulations forced by several meteorological datasets with observations over the Euro-Mediterranean area, for the 1979–2012 period. Precipitation was the most uncertain forcing variable. The impacts of forcing uncertainty were larger on the mean and standard deviation rather than the timing, shape and inter-annual variability of simulated discharge. Simulated leaf area index and surface soil moisture were relatively insensitive to these uncertainties.