Articles | Volume 21, issue 11
Research article
10 Nov 2017
Research article |  | 10 Nov 2017

Liquid water infiltration into a layered snowpack: evaluation of a 3-D water transport model with laboratory experiments

Hiroyuki Hirashima, Francesco Avanzi, and Satoru Yamaguchi

Data sets

Profiles of liquid water content and wet-snow fraction around capillary barriers in layered snow measured during infiltration experiments in a cold laboratory Francesco Avanzi, Hiroyuki Hirashima, and Satoru Yamaguchi

Short summary
We reproduced the formation of capillary barriers and the development of preferential flow through snow using a multi-dimensional water transport model, which was then validated using laboratory experiments of liquid water infiltration into layered, initially dry snow. Simulation results showed that the model reconstructs some relevant features of capillary barriers and the timing of liquid water arrival at the snow base.