Articles | Volume 27, issue 20
Research article
18 Oct 2023
Research article |  | 18 Oct 2023

Accounting for precipitation asymmetry in a multiplicative random cascade disaggregation model

Kaltrina Maloku, Benoit Hingray, and Guillaume Evin

Model code and software

disaggMRC: Temporal disaggregation of precipitation time series with microcanonical Random Cascade method (v1.0.0) K. Maloku

Short summary
High-resolution precipitation data, needed for many applications in hydrology, are typically rare. Such data can be simulated from daily precipitation with stochastic disaggregation. In this work, multiplicative random cascades are used to disaggregate time series of 40 min precipitation from daily precipitation for 81 Swiss stations. We show that very relevant statistics of precipitation are obtained when precipitation asymmetry is accounted for in a continuous way in the cascade generator.