Articles | Volume 27, issue 15
Research article
14 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 14 Aug 2023

Uncertainty in water transit time estimation with StorAge Selection functions and tracer data interpolation

Arianna Borriero, Rohini Kumar, Tam V. Nguyen, Jan H. Fleckenstein, and Stefanie R. Lutz

Data sets

Hydroclimatic and isotope data - Upper Selke A. Borriero

Model code and software

tran-SAS v1.0 (1.0) P. Benettin and E. Bertuzzo

Short summary
We analyzed the uncertainty of the water transit time distribution (TTD) arising from model input (interpolated tracer data) and structure (StorAge Selection, SAS, functions). We found that uncertainty was mainly associated with temporal interpolation, choice of SAS function, nonspatial interpolation, and low-flow conditions. It is important to characterize the specific uncertainty sources and their combined effects on TTD, as this has relevant implications for both water quantity and quality.