Articles | Volume 27, issue 15
Technical note
10 Aug 2023
Technical note |  | 10 Aug 2023

Technical note: Lessons from and best practices for the deployment of the Soil Water Isotope Storage System

Rachel E. Havranek, Kathryn Snell, Sebastian Kopf, Brett Davidheiser-Kroll, Valerie Morris, and Bruce Vaughn

Data sets

Havranek et al., 2023 Data Repository R. E. Havranek, S. Kopf, K. E. Snell, B. Davidheiser-Kroll, B. Vaughn, and V. Morris

Model code and software

Rhavranek/lablogger_swiss: Havranek et al., 2023 Release (v0.2.0) S. Kopf and R. Havranek

Short summary
We present an automated, field-ready system that collects soil water vapor for stable isotope analysis. This system can be used to determine soil water evolution through time, which is helpful for understanding crop water use, water vapor fluxes to the atmosphere, and geologic proxy development. Our system can automatically collect soil water vapor and then store it for up to 30 d, which allows researchers to collect datasets from historically understudied, remote locations.