Articles | Volume 27, issue 8
Research article
25 Apr 2023
Research article |  | 25 Apr 2023

Dynamically coupling system dynamics and SWAT+ models using Tinamït: application of modular tools for coupled human–water system models

Joel Z. Harms, Julien J. Malard-Adam, Jan F. Adamowski, Ashutosh Sharma, and Albert Nkwasa

Model code and software

joelz575/tinamit_idm: tinamit-idm Julien J. Malard and Joel Z. Harms

joelz575/swatplus: None Joel Z. Harms and Julien J. Malard

joelz575/swatplus-tinamit-coupling: SWAT+/SD Coupling Case-Study Joel Z. Harms and Julien J. Malard

Short summary
To facilitate the meaningful participation of stakeholders in water management, model choice is crucial. We show how system dynamics models (SDMs), which are very visual and stakeholder-friendly, can be automatically combined with physically based hydrological models that may be more appropriate for modelling the water processes of a human–water system. This allows building participatory SDMs with stakeholders and delegating hydrological components to an external hydrological model.