Articles | Volume 27, issue 5
Technical note
14 Mar 2023
Technical note |  | 14 Mar 2023

Technical note: A stochastic framework for identification and evaluation of flash drought

Yuxin Li, Sisi Chen, Jun Yin, and Xing Yuan

Data sets

Global Precipitation at One-Degree Daily Resolution from Multisatellite Observations (10.7289/V5RX998Z) G. J. Huffman, R. F. Adler, M. M. Morrissey, D. T. Bolvin, S. Curtis, R. Joyce, B. Mcgavock, and J. Susskind<0036:GPAODD>2.0.CO;2

Version 4 of the CRU TS monthly high-resolution gridded multivariate climate dataset ( I. Harris, T. J. Osborn, P. Jones, and D. Lister

ISLSCP II Total Plant-Available Soil Water Storage Capacity of the Rooting Zone A. Kleidon, F. G. Hall, G. J. Collatz, B. W. Meeson, S. O. Los, E. Brown De Colstoun, and D. R. Landis

Model code and software

yxshot/MFPT: v1.0 (v1.0) yxshot

Short summary
Flash drought is referred to the rapid development of drought events with a fast decline of soil moisture, which has serious impacts on agriculture, the ecosystem, human health, and society. While flash droughts have received much research attention, there is no consensus on its definition. Here we used a stochastic water balance framework to quantify the timing of soil moisture crossing different thresholds, providing an efficient tool for diagnosing and monitoring flash droughts.