Articles | Volume 26, issue 24
Research article
20 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 20 Dec 2022

Does non-stationarity induced by multiyear drought invalidate the paired-catchment method?

Yunfan Zhang, Lei Cheng, Lu Zhang, Shujing Qin, Liu Liu, Pan Liu, and Yanghe Liu

Data sets

SILO - Australian climate data from~1889 to yesterday Queensland Government

Short summary
Multiyear drought has been demonstrated to cause non-stationary rainfall–runoff relationship. But whether changes can invalidate the most fundamental method (i.e., paired-catchment method (PCM)) for separating vegetation change impacts is still unknown. Using paired-catchment data with 10-year drought, PCM is shown to still be reliable even in catchments with non-stationarity. A new framework is further proposed to separate impacts of two non-stationary drivers, using paired-catchment data.