Articles | Volume 26, issue 21
Research article
09 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 09 Nov 2022

Characterizing groundwater heat transport in a complex lowland aquifer using paleo-temperature reconstruction, satellite data, temperature–depth profiles, and numerical models

Alberto Casillas-Trasvina, Bart Rogiers, Koen Beerten, Laurent Wouters, and Kristine Walraevens

Data sets

Geschiktheidskaarten Geothermie. Thermische Geleidbaarheid Ondergrond Vlaanderen G. van Lysebetten, N. Huybrechts, and L. Francois

Model code and software

RMODFLOW: Pre- and post-processing of MODFLOW files in R B. Rogiers

RMT3DMS: Pre- and post-processing of MT3DMS files B. Rogiers

Short summary
Heat in the subsurface can be used to characterize aquifer flow behaviour. The temperature data obtained can be useful for understanding the groundwater flow, which is of particular importance in waste disposal studies. Satellite images of surface temperature and a temperature–time curve were implemented in a heat transport model. Results indicate that conduction plays a major role in the aquifer and support the usefulness of temperature measurements.