Articles | Volume 26, issue 18
Research article
20 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 20 Sep 2022

Extreme precipitation events induce high fluxes of groundwater and associated nutrients to coastal ocean

Marc Diego-Feliu, Valentí Rodellas, Aaron Alorda-Kleinglass, Maarten Saaltink, Albert Folch, and Jordi Garcia-Orellana

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PORTUS Puertos del Estado

Short summary
Rainwater infiltrates aquifers and travels a long subsurface journey towards the ocean where it eventually enters below sea level. In its path towards the sea, water becomes enriched in many compounds that are naturally or artificially present within soils and sediments. We demonstrate that extreme rainfall events may significantly increase the inflow of water to the ocean, thereby increasing the supply of these compounds that are fundamental for the sustainability of coastal ecosystems.