Articles | Volume 25, issue 12
Research article
02 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 02 Dec 2021

Modeling seasonal variations of extreme rainfall on different timescales in Germany

Jana Ulrich, Felix S. Fauer, and Henning W. Rust

Data sets

Monthly precipitation intensity maxima for 14 aggregation times at 132 stations in Germany J. Ulrich, F. S. Fauer, and H. W. Rust

Model code and software

IDF: Estimation and Plotting of IDF Curves, r package version 2.1.0 J. Ulrich, C. Ritschel, L. Mack, O. E. Jurado, F. S. Fauer, C. Detring, and S. Joedicke

Short summary
The characteristics of extreme precipitation on different timescales as well as in different seasons are relevant information, e.g., for designing hydrological structures or managing water supplies. Therefore, our aim is to describe these characteristics simultaneously within one model. We find similar characteristics for short extreme precipitation at all considered stations in Germany but pronounced regional differences with respect to the seasonality of long-lasting extreme events.