Articles | Volume 25, issue 9
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 25, 5105–5132, 2021
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 25, 5105–5132, 2021

Research article 22 Sep 2021

Research article | 22 Sep 2021

A comparison of tools and techniques for stabilising unmanned aerial system (UAS) imagery for surface flow observations

Robert Ljubičić et al.

Data sets

Video stabilisation results obtained using different tools for UAS-based image velocimetry Robert Ljubičić, Dariia Strelnikova, Matthew T. Perks, Anette Eltner, Salvador Peña-Haro, Alonso Pizarro, Silvano Fortunato Dal Sasso, Ulf Scherling, Pietro Vuono, and Salvatore Manfreda

Model code and software

VISION: VIdeo StabilisatION using automatic features selection A. Pizarro, S. F. Dal Sasso, and S. Manfreda

Short summary
The rise of new technologies such as drones (unmanned aerial systems – UASs) has allowed widespread use of image velocimetry techniques in place of more traditional, usually slower, methods during hydrometric campaigns. In order to minimize the velocity estimation errors, one must stabilise the acquired videos. In this research, we compare the performance of different UAS video stabilisation tools and provide guidelines for their use in videos with different flight and ground conditions.