Articles | Volume 25, issue 5
Research article
03 May 2021
Research article |  | 03 May 2021

Projected changes in Rhine River flood seasonality under global warming

Erwin Rottler, Axel Bronstert, Gerd Bürger, and Oldrich Rakovec

Data sets

mesoscale Hydrologic Model, v5.10 L. Samaniego, M. Kaluza, R. Kumar, O. Rakovec, L. Schüler, R. Schweppe, P. K. Shrestha, S. Thober, and S. Attinger

Short summary
The mesoscale hydrological model (mHM) forced with an ensemble of climate projection scenarios was used to assess potential future changes in flood seasonality in the Rhine River basin. Results indicate that future changes in flood characteristics are controlled by increases in precipitation sums and diminishing snowpacks. The decreases in snowmelt can counterbalance increasing precipitation, resulting in only small and transient changes in streamflow maxima.