Articles | Volume 24, issue 11
Research article
10 Nov 2020
Research article |  | 10 Nov 2020

Testing water fluxes and storage from two hydrology configurations within the ORCHIDEE land surface model across US semi-arid sites

Natasha MacBean, Russell L. Scott, Joel A. Biederman, Catherine Ottlé, Nicolas Vuichard, Agnès Ducharne, Thomas Kolb, Sabina Dore, Marcy Litvak, and David J. P. Moore

Data sets

The global land surface model ORCHIDEE - Tag2.0 P. Peylin, J. Ghattas, P. Cadule, F. Cheruy, A. Ducharne, B. Guenet, J. Lathière, S. Luyssaert, F. Maignan, P. Maugis, C. Ottle, J. Polcher, N. Viovy, N. Vuichard, V. Bastrikov, M. Guimberteau, A.-S. Lanso, N. MacBean, M. Mcgrath, S. Tafasca, and F. Wang

nmacbean/SW-US-Hydro-Model-Eval-HESS: v1 N. MacBean

Meteorological forcing and evapotranspiration data Ameriflux