Articles | Volume 24, issue 7
Research article
24 Jul 2020
Research article |  | 24 Jul 2020

Weak sensitivity of the terrestrial water budget to global soil texture maps in the ORCHIDEE land surface model

Salma Tafasca, Agnès Ducharne, and Christian Valentin

Data sets

The global land surface model ORCHIDEE - Tag2.0 P. Peylin, J. Ghattas, P. Cadule, F. Cheruy, A. Ducharne, B. Guenet, J. Lathière, S. Luyssaert, F. Maignan, P. Maugis, C. Ottle, J. Polcher, N. Viovy, N. Vuichard, V. Bastrikov, M. Guimberteau, A.-S. Lanso, N. MacBean, M. Mcgrath, S. Tafasca, and F. Wang

Short summary
In land surface models (LSMs), soil properties are inferred from soil texture. In this study, we use different input global soil texture maps from the literature to investigate the impact of soil texture on the simulated water budget in an LSM. The medium loamy textures give the highest evapotranspiration and lowest total runoff rates. However, the different soil texture maps result in similar water budgets because of their inherent similarities, especially when upscaled at the 0.5° resolution.