Articles | Volume 24, issue 6
Research article
25 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 25 Jun 2020

Field observations of soil hydrological flow path evolution over 10 millennia

Anne Hartmann, Ekaterina Semenova, Markus Weiler, and Theresa Blume

Data sets

The impact of landscape evolution on soil physics: Evolution of soil physical and hydraulic properties along two chronosequences of proglacial moraines A. Hartmann, M. Weiler, and T. Blume

Short summary
Our field observation-based examination of flow path evolution, soil formation, and vegetation succession across 10 millennia shows how water flow paths and subsurface water storage are linked to the organization of evolving landscapes. The increase found in water storage and preferential flow paths with increasing soil age shows the effect of the complex interaction of vegetation and soil development on flow paths, water balance, and runoff formation during landscape evolution.