Articles | Volume 23, issue 8
Technical note
02 Aug 2019
Technical note |  | 02 Aug 2019

Technical note: Stochastic simulation of streamflow time series using phase randomization

Manuela I. Brunner, András Bárdossy, and Reinhard Furrer

Data sets

Stochastic Simulation of Streamflow Time Series using Phase Randomization M. I. Brunner and R. Furrer

Hydrological Data Service for watercourses and lakes FOEN - Federal Office for the Environment

Short summary
This study proposes a procedure for the generation of daily discharge data which considers temporal dependence both within short timescales and across different years. The simulation procedure can be applied to individual and multiple sites. It can be used for various applications such as the design of hydropower reservoirs, the assessment of flood risk or the assessment of drought persistence, and the estimation of the risk of multi-year droughts.