Articles | Volume 22, issue 11
Research article
30 Oct 2018
Research article |  | 30 Oct 2018

A small-volume multiplexed pumping system for automated, high-frequency water chemistry measurements in volume-limited applications

Bryan M. Maxwell, François Birgand, Brad Smith, and Kyle Aveni-Deforge

Data sets

Data used for generation of all figures and tables B. M. Maxwell, F. Birgand, B. Smith, and K. Aveni-Deforge

Short summary
A multiplexed pumping system (MPS) for obtaining continuous water quality data at multiple locations was previously reported. The existing design was not practical for sampling water in volume-limited applications such as small mesocosms or porewater sampling. This paper discusses the design and performance of a small-volume MPS and illustrates two applications, showing spatial variability in replicate in situ mesocosms and short-circuiting in a woodchip bioreactor using porewater sampling.